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Examining all-electric travel from B to Z, hybrid racing, and an interview with a little-known automotive designer.

lunchbox 28
Rivian R1T towing a Bowlus Volterra • original via Bowlus

Previewing both ends of a mostly electric future, with standout budget racers and an updated lux camping legend.

When I started seeing images of this MPV (on LinkedIn of all places), I couldn’t wait to talk about it. Positively.

OK, OK, it’s no Hyundai Staria, but the ZEEKR 009 is a stylish and, importantly, all-electric van set to cruise through the streets of Asia and Europe.

Range? Something like 700 km, as claimed by ZEEKR. Before its public debut (August 26), exact specifications are unknown but as one of the world’s first EV people movers, it’ll for sure be at the top of its class.

This platform also underpins the ZEEKR 001, the Lotus Eletre, and the upcoming Polestar 5. ZEEKR is a sub-brand of Geely, Geely owns Volvo, Polestar, Lotus and others—it’s refreshing to see common components being dressed up in multiple new, distinct (non-SUV) forms.

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Zeekr 009 Is A New Electric MPV For The Chinese Car Market • Car News China

With a design that’s changed little in its history, I didn’t think I’d be writing about another Bowlus so soon after I covered its revised models earlier this year.

Now, however, its introduced an all-electric flagship called the Volterra, complete with onboard battery pack and sleek rooftop “AeroSolar” panels with power management system for near-continuous charging when the sun’s up.

Fitted with 17 kWh of lithium iron phosphate batteries and the ability to charge EVs from its 20A outlets, the Bowlus has much more technology than the typical RV hidden within its sleek aluminum form.

Yeah, pricing starts at $310,000 Usd., but compared with shitbox condos or old homes on the real estate market at that price, selling everything and living in a Bowlus gets more attractive by the day. via Bowlus

Automotive Affairs visited Advanced Automotive Technologies (AAT), the shop of Hungarian-American designer and engineer Steve Pasteiner. Most known for rebodied Corvette C5 “Nomad” wagons and retro convertibles, he’s actually been involved with dozens of notable projects.

Pasteiner’s life began in a very different way—including fleeing from the Russians decades ago. via Automotive Affairs & reader Nauman F.

If you’re not yet familiar with 24 Hours of Lemons…break out your Google machine. For the rest of us, the organizers of this endurance racing series examine what makes the Prius a decent racing car—especially if its team is stacked with PhDs and IndyCar veterans.

Best finish? 11th. Decent! via 24hoursoflemons

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