Wondering how and its CMS, Ghost, fares when it comes to privacy and GDPR rules? Good news: Ghost does not use any tracking cookies of any kind.

Cookies, GDPR, ad networks, tracking, oh my!

You will only encounter (3) Cookies via payments processing partner, Stripe, and we can’t access that data / don’t want to—your financial support is enough! will not run programmatic advertising, use pop-ups, or permit invasive tracking code.


We use Plausible for basic website analytics. The analytics script is lightweight (less than 1 KB), open source, and:

By using Plausible Analytics, all the site measurement is carried out absolutely anonymously. Cookies are not set and no personal data is collected. All data is in aggregate only. The website owner gets some actionable data to help them learn and improve, while the visitor keeps having a nice and enjoyable experience.


Payment technology

Stripe handles our payments; at the most basic they “build economic infrastructure for the internet”. More relevant, they’re highly trusted by users and financial companies alike—and have excellent documentation for their payment APIs and technology.

Note: If you decide to become a member, you’ll receive a notice that Stripe will set necessary cookies to complete the transaction.