lunchbox 95

A-to-B the most dangerous way (walking), a stunning new Buick Century, launching an Alpine, and custom OBS trucks.

lunchbox 95

Oh, happy days!

A new luxurious Buick Century has descended from the heavens to bless us with an ultra-luxurious take on the minivan. Sorry: to bless China with an ultra-luxurious take on the minivan.

• via Buick

I could list out all of the things Buick has fitted to its new Century (depending on configuration), like the 32-inch screen, LED-lit headliner, premium materials, 12-liter fridge, scent diffuser, or Bose audio setup.

That would be to miss the forest for the trees: I, Michael Banovsky, now want to someday experience what it’s like to sit in the back of a Buick Century(?!?!?!?!?) Help.

“160-degree cloud-feel second-row seats have the greatest functionality in the CENTURY’s segment. Covered in fine perforated Nappa (semi-aniline) leather, the empire seats offer 18-way adjustable positioning, five-zone independent heating and 18-point zoned massage. The tailored neck support and flip-type footrests have advanced graphene heating technology.”