lunchbox 97

eBikes should be free. Asterisk: free with the purchase of a gasoline vehicle.

lunchbox 97

We’re in limbo today, folks.

With the new Toyota Prius and an SUV from Lucid both dropping later today—plus a few more launches in the coming weeks—it’s going to be a busy time here at but nothing I can’t handle ;)

Before the name brand new energy vehicles start to dominate the airwaves, let’s first catch up on a few things:

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I’ve said it before and I will keep it up: the most effective way to get people onto eBikes is to make eBikes a compulsory standard feature of all gasoline and hybrid cars.

Let me unpack that: I think that eBikes should be heavily subsidized…by polluting industries, including car companies…because they represent an actual alternative to short car trips that is far more effective than any bullshit efuel or carbon capture technology that’s 10+++ years off, anyway…

Ridiculous? Consumers don’t complain when cameras, sensors, braking systems, auto-drive, and airbags are added at their expense to make vehicles “safer” because it benefits them…inside the vehicle.

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By burdening drivers with a solid alternative (especially for carbon-intensive short trips), it allows them to choose a car-free option while still feeling like they’ve gotten something for free…even though they will have paid for it.

Here in North America, it’s not so much about a driver swapping their car for an eBike, but instead about replacing 10-25% of the trips our cars make. This would lead to a huge difference in both our energy usage and overall quality of living, especially in cities. Start with pickup truck purchases (easier to take bicycles home) and brace for months of negative coverage as the nasty ones choose to destroy their “free” eBikes.

(Or sell them on to people who would happily buy a lightly used eBike…)

Still, trying an eBike will make it impossible for many drivers to avoid coming out of their shells. To try life on two wheels, to adventure out on longer trips until they’re at their limit.

Nobody is arguing that cars are superior in capability, what I am arguing is that the comfort they provide isn’t worth what they cost society…10-25% of the time.

The Buxus EVA Tank 300 Edition will be a limited collaboration in China and not a society-altering freebie, but it illustrates my point nicely. Every hipster couple needs an off-road SUV (in this case, the Haval Great Wall Motors Tank 300). No matter the SUV, it better be fit for carrying an entire Etsy pop-up store into the wilderness—and without a matching eBike why would you even bother?

This Buxus eBike has a 100 km (62 mile) range, keyless start, GPS anti-theft, electronic braking, over-the-air updates, and an impressively beefed-up look. (That said, it’s more a marketing gimmick, like a Jetta Trek, Jeep eBike, etc—let me know how quickly I should finish my car/bike feature!)

Tank x Buxus Electric Bike Pre-Sale Starts At 2,070 USD In China • Car News China

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There’s good reason for why I’ve been sitting on my hands after seeing social media posts with this side-by-side pouring with smoke: I wanted to hear what really happened.

Described as being “the best worst-case scenario” by one of the electric vehicle experts on site at SEMA, the “Rich Rebuilds” electric side-by-side didn’t burn, catch on fire, or burst into flames as many have sensationalized.