lunchbox 29

You might want to start dreaming of owning a classic Alpine, three rowdy cars, and electric car batteries may be reliable than expected

lunchbox 29
baguettes + Alpine A310? allons-y!!

Today I did a deep dive on a car I found for sale online, then ran out of time to do much more…so enjoy a few short clips of vehicles being rowdy. ;)

1974 Alpine A310, €37,000 • Often considered the “last true Alpine” because of its light weight and small-displacement 127 horsepower 1600cc 4-cylinder Gordini engine, this particular example is pretty much the one to have.

Also: if you put baguettes in your classified ad, yes, I will find them.

Before Formula 1, before turbocharged Le Mans appearances and its modern-day internationally-renowned rebirth, Alpine was a small specialist in France making a small number of cars.

In 1974, only 344 Alpine cars in total were produced. Consider the peanut-buttered toast of enthusiast cars: Porsche made 27 times more Porsche 911s in the same year, about 9,380.

Moreover, Alpine had its models on a strict diet of red wine, cheese, and bread. The French Women Don’t Get Fat of classic sports cars, the A310 is tiny, roughly the size of a Lotus Europa and weight of a smart fortwo.

This survivor, in mostly original, well-maintained condition comes with unmolested switchgear, burgundy seats, ample spares, and if you include the markers and fogs: 12(!!) forward-facing lights for illumination.

Though suffering from non-contagious stickeritis, this 2+2 coupé looks pretty creampuff overall and down to clown for its next ménage à quatre: scouting out a weekend’s worth of espresso, baguettes and wine. Located in—where else—France.

Looking for a deal? I think it may have even recently suffered a fire…but is said to be saveable! 🥳 via @pbnus on TikTok and


French hand built was awesome #fypシ #cars

♬ original sound - ㅤㅤ

⚡️ File under: people remain far more pessimistic and dismissive of EVs than they have any right to be.

Electric Car Batteries Lasting Longer Than Predicted Delays Recycling Programs • Forbes

via Forbes and author Carlton Reid's newsletter (no paywall)

Next up, I am grouping three shorter videos—let me know if you like this approach & have suggestions for topics.
this is one of my very first YouTube favourites, from waaaaaay back in 2007

We have watched many of the same car videos, and I still say: this frickin' EVO is hauling ass!! I have no details, I have no words, and no thoughts. Only tingling.

Fair warning, this is now on my mood board for my 740 project…