2022 Bowlus travel trailers

A trailer equally alien and exquisite in 2022, because of its 1934 shape.

2022 Bowlus travel trailers
In what world is this not cool? Expensive, but cool. Source: Bowlus

Overlanding, with upgraded vehicles, toy haulers, and toys may be all the rage, but the “luxury land travel” scene has one dark horse, all-American company that has roots in 1934: Bowlus.

Borrowing its Streamline Moderne (Wikipedia) design language and name from the 1930s—but updated for modern owners, roads and travel—a Bowlus travel trailer is equally alien and exquisite in 2022.

Priced between $215,000 and $265,000 Usd., what bugs me is that you likely haven’t had the chance to see, hang out in, and tow a modern Bowlus—I found the company’s prototype maddeningly gorgeous and built to last.

They’ve had more than 5 years of development since I visited their HQ. 2022 features include:

  • air conditioning
  • 60-Second Hitch
  • Bluetooth brake controller
  • air and water filtration (package)
  • full personalization (optional)
Update January 28: We reached out to a Bowlus representative to clarify if the 'Bluetooth brake controller' is compatible with other systems, vehicles, etc. They said: "If your vehicle already has a brake controller hardwired, that is compatible with a Bowlus as well."

If you see a Bowlus on the road or in pictures and are trying to determine if it’s a newer 2022+ version and not one built in the last 90 years, look for the tall vertical LED tail lights.

Key specifications

$215,000 Usd. MSRP+; Segment: rv

Dimensions & Capability: Length: 27 ft. 1 in., Width: 80 in., Exterior Height: 8 ft. 6 in., Interior Height: 6 ft. 4 in., Hitch Weight: 300 lbs, Base Weight: 3,200 lbs., Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 4,000 lbs.

Sleeps and Dines: 4

“Our 2022 models deliver on our promise to constantly enhance our customers' experiences with unparalleled craftsmanship.”

–Geneva Long, Founder and CEO of Bowlus

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