lunchbox 32

What’s the top Japanese sports car of 2022? Three used car oddities from Quebec and more spectator drags

lunchbox 32

Today is a true smörgåsbord of content, from a near-40 minute new car comparison test to three desirable(?) used cars that have pretty much nothing in common except for the fact they’re on Facebook Marketplace in the Canadian province of Quebec.

🐥 As if savagegeese needed any introduction, I’m going to add one before sharing this 38 minute-long video. The track driving is solid. The technical focus is unmatched. The ending is great. The easter eggs and final skit are hilarious. If you like to see what makes new Japanese sports cars tick, gobble up that panini and get into it

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:58 Interior Impressions Nissan Z
  • 2:28 Interior Impressions Supra
  • 3:57 Mechanical Impressions Supra
  • 9:33 Mechanical Impressions Nissan Z
  • 12:39 Dyno Results at AMS Performance
  • 14:58 Nissan Z Automatic Street Drive
  • 20:20 Track Driving Impressions Nissan Z
  • 23:51 Track Driving Impressions GR Supra
  • 26:58 Final Thoughts
  • 28:09 Britt Casey Jr Lap Impressions
  • 29:49 Supra Final Thoughts
  • 31:02 Nissan Z Final Thoughts
  • 33:46 Laptimes and GR86 Impressions
  • 36:51 ???

via savagegeese on YouTube

Toyota GR Supra vs Nissan Z | A Real JDM Battle • savagegeese

🏁 I don’t think this is related to my story in any way, but yesterday Elizabeth Blackstock at Jalopnik did a whole compilation of spectator drags mishaps—which are a chaotic kind of enjoyable. I must have caught it earlier in its run, because today, it’s been turned by someone into a slideshow. Still enjoyable, but deplorable. Definitely leave the ad blocker on.

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(I wrote about spectator drags earlier this month.)

I Can't Stop Watching These Spectator Drags Go All Wrong • Jalopnik

🖤 Three cars found on Facebook Marketplace in Quebec. Each has a few Pros and definitely a Con or two. Now that comments are actually working, which one of these would you take home—and why?

1990 Saab 9000, $35,000 • “Vintage European old school Saab 9000, never driven in winter, owned and driven only by original owner, no accidents, impeccable. Manual transmission.”
1990 Chevrolet cavalier, $9,500 • “3.1 Automatique. En tres bon etat.” / 3.1 Automatic. In very good condition.
1985 Volvo 240, $2,567 • “tu veux un char original pour battre dans les carré” / you want an original tank to beat in the squares
More regular reporting resumes tomorrow; I encourage you to give commenting a whirl, it really is leagues better than before. ty xo mb