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The joy of local run what you brung racing, supercar-inspired shoes from APL x McLaren, and choosing a sleeper car.

The joy of local run what you brung racing, supercar-inspired shoes from APL x McLaren, and choosing a sleeper car.

“It’s just an LS,” a man named Steve said as the crowd hollered and clapped through the winner’s celebration for an unlikely-at-first-glance winner, who gave his trophy away anyway. I’m describing the video above, but scenes like this play out across North America.

When I was younger, I loved going out to my closest track to watch “King of the Hill” racing at Delaware Speedway near London, Ontario. Called “Spectator Drags” across the U.S., it’s when people race their street cars heads-up to often unexpected results, storylines, and the odd crash.

Watch enough of them, as I have, and questions bubble up: Is the AWD Audi actually faster than a more powerful V8? Can a front-drive Honda hang around the outside of turns 3 and 4? Why did they let a Dodge Magnum on 21s go racing? Is that lowered normally-aspirated Volvo going to pass the Honda Prelude out of turn 4? (No, but it was thiiiis close…)

The commentary is often crass, there’s lots of Boy Stuff on display, and you only get one camera angle. What makes it all worth it is hearing the crowd cheer at the end of a close race. Jump, don’t fall into this rabbit hole.

watch nextJuly 22 King of the Hill at Delaware Speedway (part of a 4h show televised on Rogers TV in Canada)

apl hyspeed shoes
this is not sponsored • via APL

Nobody likes to disapprove of shoes more than me, which, if you’ve seen my “fashion” “choices” might be a good thing for you. In this case, however, I think APL x McLaren nailed exactly what we should want in a car-inspired shoe.

First, it’s not a lame-looking, overly branded *cough Puma x Ferrari* driving shoe with a rolled sole.

The HySpeed is being marketed as an “all-purpose” trainer fit for a wide range of uses, so expect to see them popping up in all sorts of places—just try to remember all of these colorways.

I appreciate the companies had a genuine R&D period to jointly develop the product, versus a pure licensing deal with stitched orange swooshes and undeservedly lofty price tag.

Here in Canada, these retail for $606.95…so I will sadly not be able to slip on a pair of my own nitrogen-infused pair of APLs and brood next to my McProject Car anytime soon.

That said, if a pair of men’s 11 in Rose Dust / Creme shows up out of the blue, I will for sure proudly wear them for all purposes. via APL x McLaren

2006 Subaru Outback XT, $7,499 • I’m sharing this for no purpose other than to say: if you’re going to win King of the Hill, you’ll need something like this.

The 2006 Subaru Outback XT. All-wheel-drive, the aftermarket support for big power and big launch control trickery from its turbocharged powertrain, and a sleeperiffic exterior that won’t turn heads to or from the track.

King of the Hill or bottom rung?

What would you take into battle at a Spectator Drags event?