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The speedster.news Morgan Super 3. Launching the Veloqx Fangio, detours, paid members update, and Volvo S60 model update

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By the time you read about this Volvo, you will see the speedster.news redesign. • source Volvo Car US

model update

illustration by michael banovsky
illustration • 2022 Maruti Suzuki Baleno for India & other markets

“How conventional is this car?
It’s the NPC of hatchbacks”

2022 Maruti Suzuki Baleno (India)
This is for everyone who comments online about wishing modern cars were more simple. This is that hatchback.

queued up

Casual: hanging out with the creator of the Veloqx Fangio • effspot on YouTube
2022 Veloqx Fangio
V12-powered, limited production supercar debuts ahead of expected LMH racing program from Veloqx Motorsport

recent detours   

🔊  KIA developed a soundboard called move.ment to stoke creativity within the company; now it’s a free download. I tried to cook something up using the OS X desktop version and wasted 10 minutes before my wife complained about the noise. That said, apparently it is a decent (free) plugin that works with more established recording software:

“This concept works surprisingly well… The instrument comes with close to 100 presets and lets you save your own creations for later use.”
Bedroom Producers Blog
🎣  A wild bit of car-related history from the Nipigong Lagoon in Canada by Grace Houghton, writing for Hagerty Media:

“Indeed, for Nipigon’s “car sinking lottery,” firefighters drove an old car onto the ice in the dead of winter. They then sold 50/50 draw tickets to Nipigonians, who bet on the time and date that the vehicle would break through the surface.”
de-TOUR: notable stories from around the web past detours 🏁

model update

rear 3/4 of 2023 nissan leaf update
Nissan turns over a new Leaf, kind of. • Nissan Europe

New wheel rims, colours, logos and minor changes for the Nissan Leaf. Having up to an estimated 385 km (239 mi) of range…now…still isn't great. Expect to see the Leaf continue to wilt against newer competition:

“From the wheels up, LEAF 2022 introduces intricate exterior styling refinements, enhancing the dynamism of the model's distinctive appearance. The model also features Nissan's new brand logo on the wheels, front grille and rear.
“New 16- and 17-inch alloy wheel options bring an increased element of sportiness, with a slick black fascia enhancing their premium feel.


“I had an idea but really just needed to get going and hear your feedback. After, I needed to do deep soul-searching, put pen to paper, and figure shit out. Somehow, I’m more excited now?”

Behind the News #3
The “I don’t know you but I want to thank you” edition after one month of publishing speedster.news & feeling fired up 🔥

model update

side shot of Volvo S60 Black Edition in black
Volvo S60 Black Edition, in any colour as long as it's black or white. • Volvo Cars

Limited to fewer than 450 for the U.S., this Volvo S60 appearance package is available on a few trim levels and at different price points.

“The timeline was accelerated considerably when Volvo executives visited the US and saw the car in person in November 2021. Having “fallen in love” with the design, the S60 Black Edition was approved for production on the spot, skipping the normal design approval process to get it in the hands of customers faster.”

speedster.news fleet update

side profile of morgan super 3 in custom blue flanks with red nose and speedster news side graphic
Yep, the Morgan Super 3 config tool is dope. A bit of Photoshop later and it could almost pass for an official speedster.news breaking news van, eh? • story 2022 Morgan Super 3
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