Epicure Classics Montreal • on location

Support local car shows. You know, the “any day that ends in ‘y’” show: drive to a location, have a good time, and leave without incident.

Epicure Classics Montreal • on location
lotus elan (the cool one) • michael banovsky // speedster.news

Support local car shows. You know, the “any day that ends in ‘y’” show: drive to a location, have a good time, and leave without incident.

No antisocial full throttle exits, commercial booths, judging, PA system or branded tote bags. If the vehicle was older than 1999 and not a total pile, it was allowed into the Epicure Classics meetup on Sunday May 29.

Give local organizers, Epicure Market (for hosting), and social media (for spreading the word) credit: I arrived shortly after 9am and the lot was pretty much full. So was my iPhone’s battery: so I opened the camera app and got to work.

Highlights? JDM cars, a few European unicorns, a memorable bumper sticker I want on my car, and…keep scrolling.

Hope you enjoy these on location photos from Epicure Classics. -mb

wheel and front bumper detail of renault sport clio v6
Renault Sport Clio V6 • michael banovsky // speedster.news

New policy: I refuse to get into or out of bed for anything less than a Renault Sport Clio V6.

If it means having to brunch with the well-coiffed Viva Bastardo crowd, sure—toss me the keys to a Renault Sport Clio V6 and I promise not to get hollandaise on the seats.

distorted reflection of cream yellow porsche 912
park the 912 in a shaded area, against a building? I'll figure something out • michael banovsky // speedster.news

Are details important? To car people? Are you kidding me?

It could be an air freshener, choice of wheels, a sticker, old registration or stylishly-chosen seats: all are proof of life, expression, and experience.

front detail of white lowered volkswagen cabriolet
is the photo crooked? No. I think the crop is better this way having the building level with the horizon • michael banovsky // speedster.news

Meeting strangers for a Sunday morning car show never gets old.

(Does it?)

close front detail of red fiat coupe badge and headlight bubbles
the Fiat Coupé, a Chris Bangle design that gets better every time you see it • michael banovsky // speedster.news

Thanks to @epicureclassics + @romango3 for organizing the event and I look forward to the next time I can make it out.

Casual, no drama car meetups are where it's at. ✌

rear deck of porsche 912 from above, nurburgring badge on rear chrome vent
love this colour—growing up, we had a matching fridge and stove (range) • michael banovsky // speedster.news

photography by speedster.news / michael banovsky (iPhone 13 Pro)

editor note • I am still working on an edit workflow between phone / iPad / .heic file format / computer monitor that allows me to properly colour grade & proof; let me know if you see substantial differences in anything here vs @speedster.news instagram.