The Long Why • Weekend Edition

What led to, where it’s going, and how I'll get it there

The Long Why • Weekend Edition
in the Porsche Museum workshop • Michael Banovsky

This is a story about opportunity.

Chances are if you’re reading this you’re into cars, into media, and curious about what’s next. Or Google did me a solid and dropped you off here. Nice query. This Weekend Edition is about this site, the reasons for it and will illustrate as much of a “plan” as I’m able to at this stage.

The important thing, I think, is to know isn’t a month old…in a way, it’s 38 years old. It’s as much a collection of what I’ve learned as a car enthusiast, writer, and marketer as it is an open-to-members process on creating a car news publication from scratch. Without investors or um, a trust fund.

That’s absolutely not a neg or boast—it’s that I want you to know I’m starting at close to zero and, well, it’s all up from here.

I’m building this into an entity that publishes awesome, diverse work, will always support creators, and eventually…wants to hire them. To do this now, in 2022, will be as difficult as it ever was. But with the right tools, a focus on what’s important, and shrewd strategy, I hope soon earns a following to help redefine what a car publication can be.

Driving & creating in search of joy. Here’s why exists:

👉 to tell original stories

👉 to create for members vs advertisers

👉 to earn audience support that drives better work from myself & collaborators

best motoring midget ii race at tsukuba
story ideas competing for space = Best Motoring's Daihatsu Midget II race1. If this sort of vehicle, location, and content appeals to you—you’re in the right place ;)

In the following story, please note: I have nothing but respect and admiration for those in media who work tirelessly to, well, exist in the media. I may mention other publications and factors related to advertising but it’s only to provide a reference for how and why has to do certain things differently. (I write about my professional experience also, available below.)

Ready to buckle up and send it?

In all seriousness: why would I work for someone else when I have a chance to work for you?