lunchbox 1

Videos, cars, stories feat Hoonigan, Roadster Life, Carfection; plus Citroën SM rally cars

lunchbox 1

Daily mix of videos, cars, stories feat Hoonigan, Roadster Life, Carfection; plus Citroën SM rally cars. This is the first, many more to follow…leave your comments and suggestions below! -mb

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Vintage style, 35+ mpg and a boatload of torque? Why the hell not? – Hoonigan
One of my all-time favourite cars—great detail by Roadster Life.
Great film and history—it's amazing how rally cars can be thrashed so spectacularly. Carfection
Promise: best theme music and weirdly watchable period film on the SM rally cars. 

cars for friends

current car budget: $0

Today: three cars and only four doors between them.

Until I live out my years curating a small collection of priceless junk for sale, please buy one of these and let me take it for a rip, thx. ;) -mb

1998 Alfa Romeo 156 1.6 Twin Spark – €7,900

Looks to be an immaculate car with a drop-dead gorgeous interior—commuter cars never are this stylish.

The highly reputable Reiter Engineering apparently made this GT4 race car street legal in the EU before regulations changed making it impossible to do so again. At least, that’s what the ad says… This car weighs about the same as a Mitsubishi Mirage and uses an Audi-sourced drivetrain for more than 300 kickers.

2003 smart crossblade incl. Brabus parts – €29,999

Is a modified-to-84 horsepower smart worth this asking price? If you’re asking me, the most future-proof classics will be the ones that don’t drink much fuel and don’t cost much to operate. With this car, there’s very little to go wrong that isn’t fixable, requires the parking space of two scooters, and perfect for hearing what people think of your outfit.

News section on deck for tomorrow…