lunchbox 77

Is it OK to ignore the elephant(s) in the room much longer? Give me another 24 hours…

lunchbox 77

There’s a new, all-electric Cadillac! There’s a new, all-electric Rolls-Royce!

And while I work on those stories for tomorrow, let me tell you: nothing makes me yearn for an invasion of microcars, found-in-Mexico classics, and antisocial home-brew bangers like ultra-luxurious conveyances destined for an ornamental, statuesque life…parked.

Why buy a vehicle from Mexico? Because there are so. many. weird. gems. My comment on this video stands:

reads: “with friends like mine you have NO IDEA how dangerous this info is haha. Great find on the Ramcharger!”

Buying a Car in Mexico 🇲🇽 • Jose Arteaga Travels

Until I can complete my story on this car and overall trend(s) it signifies, I can think of no better place to read about the 2024 Cadillac Celestiq than from a former colleague, Jil McIntosh:

“That individual selection gives owners the “one-of-one” bragging rights, but there won’t be many on the road for comparison anyway. Rather than wind its way down a factory assembly line, the Celestiq will be hand-built at GM’s Global Technical Center in Warren, Michigan. It’s expected just two cars will be finished each day, and only a maximum of six will be in production at any given time. But it’s not a single run — according to a Cadillac rep, the Celestiq will be built for “multiple years,” with the exact number not revealed.”

First Look: 2024 Cadillac Celestiq •

Ditto the Rolls-Royce Spectre; instead of half-assing my words on it, check out this interesting interview in Autocar with Rolls-Royce’s lead engineer, Mihair Ayoubli, who spills many of the technical details key to turning an electric car into a “super coupé”.

“Sometimes the underbody mounting of batteries in big cars can cause an odd kind of flexing that leads to non-linear responses when the car is cornering. We’ve been extremely careful with that, and the result is a car that’s very predictable, with near-instant steering responses. This reduces the driver’s awareness of the car’s weight – useful, because it’s quite heavy.”

Exclusive Q&A: Rolls-Royce engineering boss unwraps Spectre EV • Autocar

Back here on planet earth, Swiss-Italian automaker Microlino is out making friends at the Paris Motor Show with its electric Microlino (microcar), Microletta (scooter), new Microlino Lite (for youth drivers) and the above, its open air Spiaggina concept car.

“May we introduce, this is the Microlino Spiaggina concept. With an open driving space, perfect for summer destinations throughout Europe. 🌝 We have been inspired by the legendary beach vehicles of the 1960s, such as the Fiat 600 Jolly or the Citroen Mehari. 👏”

Sorry, an automaker openly referencing the Fiat 600 Jolly and Citroën Méhari in an Instagram caption? Nominee for Best Social Media Marketing 2022.

via @microlino_official on Instagram



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