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The XM to rule all SAVs, running out of charge (on purpose), and Nio is making waves in Germany

lunchbox 63

If you have to say something is a hot take, it’s not. After a new vehicle is released, manufacturers are quite far past soliciting opinions—it’s all about the sales, baby.

The dye has been cast. Investments made. Performance capabilities certified. Hop in or Geh verdammt noch mal aus dem Weg*.

What I think about the XM isn’t important, what you think BMW can be capable of, is.

The first-ever BMW XM • BMW Group

“Guessing by the noises emitted from inside the bubble, this perplexity is habitually mistaken for a lack of creative nous. Like a motorist driving against the traffic, shouting at the onslaught of cars coming his way, BMW’s design leadership appear to be convinced they know something about the fundamentals of proportions, stance and beauty that eludes practically everybody else.”

The Horror! The Horror! • Design Field Trip

I talk a lot about Bjørn Nyland’s work with EVs because, well, he does EV content like a frickin’ boss.

While everyone else is on the “oh chargers suck” bandwagon, Bjørn is using his access to EV test cars to run them out of power—on camera—and walk viewers through the steps to un-brick the electric car.

He already has eight vehicles in the ‘Zero Mile’ playlist, from a Tesla Model Y to first-generation Hyundai Ioniq, Audi e-tron, and even thumbnail-hogging cars like this unmistakably red China-made Xpeng P7 Performance Wing Edition.

I drove Xpeng P7 Performance Wing Edition until the battery died • Bjørn Nyland

Do you remember a little while ago when I wrote about Bjørn’s test of the Nio battery swap station in Norway? In Germany, DW REV just posted a video of their experiences with the latest Nio models—and they came away very impressed.

Chinese EVs To Rule Germany: Nio Takes On Car Giants • DW REV - Cars & Mobility

Ultra-luxury done differently is a surefire way to earn massive profits, until it’s not. Is the BMW XM all that different from something like a sporty 1978 Sbarro Windhound (based on the Mercedes-Benz G Wagen)?

Different in capability—tons, and the XM can’t tow. Difference in intent? Not much.

* Get the f**k outta the way



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