lunchbox 43

The growth of China’s EV market, Toyota’s new compact EV sedan (for China), and onboard a Honda Fit (with 840 bhp).

lunchbox 43

Don’t like reading about all the interesting vehicles being released in China? Get used to it.

Expect a longer article from me soon on this topic, but for now my suggestion is simple: consider how much brand loyalty you really feel toward your Western automaker of choice.

For today’s special, chefs have prepared a Toyota e-TNGA platform stuffed with a BYD Blade LFP battery pack—are you ready to order or would you like a minute to decide?

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I won’t ruin the entire Twitter thread (go here), but my ears perk up anytime Ash from Geely drops facts about the Chinese automotive industry.  Hell, it doesn’t need to be about cars. Today he was tweeting about how a particular metro station in China had one track when he arrived in 2014…track #19 is nearly completed.

Anyway, he retweeted the thread above but added the following:

The last bastion of foreign car brands in China seems to be heritage. Everything else has been commoditised (sic) to the point of insignificance; quality, design, touch points, experience etc. If foreign brands can’t keep up or stay ahead, it’s going to be a blood baths

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Toyota has a sedan for China! It has a stupid name (bZ3)! It looks Lexus-cool and Corolla-boring at the same time! It has rear-wheel-drive!(!!)

Question is: will it spawn a similar car for North America and/or Europe? Since this is Toyota we’re talking about, if this is your cup of tea, start arranging your 84 months of financing meow.

What could be more alluring than a Toyota-BYD joint venture product with between 183-244 horsepower, depending on configuration?

Expect its official debut (and specs galore) around its launch in November.

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I’m pretty new to the #DMOARMY, but you can’t deny my curiosity at what, exactly, driving an 840 horsepower Honda Jazz (Fit) is like…

Two words: fuckin’ mental. The UK musician, enthusiast, and presenter takes his hatch out for a rip and I have one crucial observation: you rarely see people in supercars and hypercars having this much fun.

I am secretly hoping his flailing, roller coaster-like shift technique catches on as well—it’d make car content much more exciting! 🙌

Combined with the camera shake, every time he shifts it looks like he’s engaging a faster Warp speed.