lunchbox 38

2022 Lincoln Zephyr reviewed (in China), window shopping for a fun car, and a humble tour of the Nürburgring parking lot with Misha Charoudin.

lunchbox 38

After a deluge of million-dollar machines, it’s time to come back to earth and explore the everyday motorist experience, from attainable collector cars in California to the most famous parking lot in Germany and, finally, a snazzy new Lincoln sedan for China.

Yeah, Craigslist is still a thing. Giving myself a maximum of $25,000 Usd. to spend and prioritizing cars with manual transmissions located in one of the sunnier states, I still had 50 browser tabs open inside of 10 minutes. Glorious. I get that some fantastic vehicles can end up at one of the auction sites, but it takes a special kind of crazy to sift through a website that hasn’t changed much since 1995, wondering where all the 1995 prices went.

Without further adieu, here are my unofficial winners of the award for Cars I Think Would Be Fun To Drive Back To Canada In And Then Try To Sell For A Tiny Profit. (Trophies available for pick-up only.)

from top to bottom :: a drivable but not perfect 1983 Alfa Romeo Spider in Virginia; the 1960 “Metzuki”, a Nash Metropolitan dropped onto Suzuki Samurai running gear; a very period correct and CLEAN 1984 Honda Prelude; a fully built BMW 635CSI track car with a sum of parts far greater than its $13,000 asking price; a 1970 Opel GT professionally built with a Mazda B13 rotary engine and Haltech ECU; proof that even the most terribly boring 1983 Toyota Starlet still exists in museum quality; a 1983 Renault LeCar that, “Runs and drives like a French Ferrari, hahaha”; and finally, a Gran Turismo-perfect 1996 Toyota Starlet Glanza S.

Full listings dumped in a gallery below ;)

Hello, CARmrades! Need a pick me up? Here’s more proof that the best car stuff is often found when you’re just hanging out in a parking lot.

Misha’s content has been on fire recently, and truthfully: he doesn’t need to do much to create worthwhile content. This vLog features him visiting the Nürburgring parking lot, and apart from the great cars and car sounds, simply walking around attracted his fans from all across Europe and sparked a few impromptu sweet-as-pie interactions.

I think that when people identify as a “car guy” or a “car person,” this is the community of affable enthusiasts we’ve envisioned. Good for Misha in remaining authentic, humble, and approachable—expect to see him making waves at the ’Ring for years to come.

The Most Rewarding Part About My YouTube Channel • Misha Charoudin

There’s an all-new Lincoln luxury sedan…but it’s only for China. The Lincoln ‘Z’ is a look at what happens when new and old-world luxury mix: its light-up badge, animated front LED array, door-length accent, and drooping rear styling give way to a damn impressive-looking slab-faced 27-inch wide LED screen dashboard and two-tone leather interior.

Other necessary luxuries include a Revel audio system, fragrance dispenser, and glass roof.

Oily stuff? Front-wheel drive, gasoline powered, 2.0-liter Ecoboost 4-cylinder (CAF488WQC) with 246 horsepower and an 8-speed automatic.

It’s destined to cruise the luxury shopping districts of Beijing and not Bloomfield Hills, where the company has been an also-ran in the luxury segment for decades. At least the Zephyr was designed and is now built in China by Changan Ford, giving the car a shot at wholly different buyers than the typical North American Lincoln customer for the same C2 platform: Corsair owners. Maybe it’s a plan crazy enough to work…

“This is the coolest Lincoln I’ve driven in quite some time,” says Ethan Robertson from Wheelsboy.

The Lincoln Sedan Lives On! (At Least In China)- Lincoln Zephyr • Wheelsboy