Front Page • February 7, 2022

New Spirit of Ecstasy, DS Automobiles E-Tense Performance and more news & features to start this week

Front Page • February 7, 2022
When your styling is so fresh you dust off a 7 year-old concept car and it still looks great. DS Automobiles

“I just arrive in a Rolls / I just came up in a Wraith / I need to fill up the tank / No, I need to fill up the safe” – Cardi B, Bodak Yellow (YouTube link)

This week 9-11 February: Red Bull (RB18), Aston Martin (AMR22), and McLaren (MCL36) launch their 2022 Formula 1 cars.


new rolls-royce spirit of ecstasy for 2023
First sketched in 1911, the figure of a woman leaning into the wind and her dress fluttering, wing-like behind her, has since become the world’s most revered mascot. When ‘Emily’, the “Spirit of Ecstasy” gets recast for its future EV debuting in 2023…it’s pretty big news. Here she is. Source: Rolls-Royce
Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy living its best life (a gallery)
Since 1911, this mascot has driven into the pages of history, art, and music—all born from a complicated affair and simple sketch
2022 DS Automobiles E-Tense Performance test car
Nearly 800 horsepower for this dual motor electric prototype inspired by Formula E technology
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