2022 DS Automobiles E-Tense Performance test car

Nearly 800 horsepower for this dual motor electric prototype enhanced by Formula E technology

2022 DS Automobiles E-Tense Performance test car
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In 2016, DS Automobiles showed a ‘mid’-engine electric supercar called the E-Tense Performance. Now, after winning back-to-back Formula E titles and looking at the technology available for 2022 and beyond, DS Automobiles gives us this—the ‘Performance’.

Whereas the early EV concept coupé is imbued with a strong sense of style, it makes do with “only” about 400 horsepower and a 4.5 second time to 100 km/h. The Performance test car?

Dual motors, one on each axle, for approximately 794 horsepower. And 8,000 Nm of torque…approximately 5,900 lb-ft. Other stats aren’t known—the brand promises to have its Formula E drivers complete instrumented testing—we will revisit this story and car when that happens.

Planned road tests and show-and-display duties for the new EV will happen throughout 2022. If you’re in Europe and see it up close, get in touch and send us pics (please)!

A road test of the DS Automobiles E-Tense concept from 2016

Sources: DS Automobiles (E-Tense, E-Tense Performance)