Front Page • February 15, 2022

New Škoda Fabia, new EV and truck for China, in-browser traffic simulation

Front Page • February 15, 2022
We love when automaker sketches end up looking like the real thing. New Škoda Fabia Monte Carlo 👇

2022 Great Wall Motors King Kong Cannon
A new, affordable, body-on-frame, rear-wheel-drive, diesel or gasoline-powered mid-sized truck—for China and the rest of the world
2022 Williams F1 FW44
New-look 2022 Williams F1 FW44 debuts in striking deep blue, sky blue, and red in livery—and on track
A game for grown-ups: Traffic Simulation
Subtly complex (free) in-browser games to control the flow of traffic
2022 Škoda Fabia Monte Carlo
Rally-inspired trims for a mainstream, affordable hatchback that’s more daily driver than Col de Turini-ready

“Automotive journalism suffers from a disease of sameness. Too often it’s the same guys, with the same opinions, driving the same cars, eating the same buffet shrimp. Largely, a collection of feckless, soft-dick midwesterners in jeans-and-blazer combos talking about how great the Mazda Miata is and complaining about why not enough midsize crossover SUVs have manual transmissions. Most of these people should be eaten, frankly.”

– Patrick George, former Editor in Chief of, explaining what makes Jason Torchinsky so special as he leaves the site (along with David Tracy) in order to start up something new over at The Autopian. I wish them both the very best and can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Don’t be shy—reach out to with your projects. Us independent types must stick together: that goes for Jason, David, and anyone else creating online content about “car” stuff. -mb

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2022 Can-Am Defender MAX Lone Star Cab
Seats 6, A/C, standard JL Audio roof, and power windows—a side-by-side with more features than your car
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Today: new Scuderia AlphaTauri an affordable luxury 6x6 off-roader, and more…
Weekend Edition 03 • “Out Of Office”
Some daydreams tend to linger—and a recap of the news this week
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