2022 Can-Am Defender MAX Lone Star Cab

Seats 6, A/C, standard JL Audio roof, and power windows—a side-by-side with more features than your car

2022 Can-Am Defender MAX Lone Star Cab
Sharp lines and more glass gives the 2022 Defender a refined look. Source: Can-Am Off-Road

If speedster.news is interested in Formula 1 cars, we’re just as fascinated with new machines that are designed for a purpose: in this case, a do-it-all side-by-side. This ain’t just any side-by-side, however.

Designed in Canada and made in Mexico, the 2022 Can-Am Defender side-by-side lineup starts at something you’d buy for the gardeners, stables, or crew at the construction site. Good torque. Great towing. Standard dump bed. Four-wheel-drive. Time to work.

Also announced was a Defender 6x6 Limited (with cab and air conditioning) Source: Can-Am Off-Road

The Defender MAX Lone Star Cab, however, with its full cab enclosure, power windows, upgraded interior surfaces, standard JL Audio system, premium wheels and tires, standard winch, power steering—and air conditioning—is more like a Chevrolet Silverado that shrunk in the wash.

Today’s announcement was all about the premium models, with MSRP basically double what a base model would cost.

Its specs aren’t anything to sneeze at:

  • 82 horsepower (69 lb-ft torque) Rotax HD10 V-twin engine
  • CVT, four-wheel-drive with locking differentials front and rear
  • 2,500-lbs towing
  • 2,402-lb curb weight (dry)
  • Standard 4,500-lb winch with roller fairlead
  • Full skid plates
  • 3-position full glass tilt up windshield with wiper/washer kit and rear glass window
  • 7.6 in. digital display with keypad
  • Signature LED front lighting
  • Available in any colour, as long as it’s metallic black.

We’d still recommend a helmet at all times, but it’s legal to drive on road in some places. Yeah, it’ll top 60 mph (102 km/h). That’s partly why these higher-spec models are selling so well—customers can use them all day, going from their ranch to the post office and back.

Because Can-Am offers a range of accessories from hunting to snow plows; it’s even a “business expense” for customers with the property and means. Still has that dump bed, right?

Source: Can-Am Off-Road (website)