2022 RML Group Short Wheelbase Pre-Production

Limited production, Ferrari V12-powered bespoke ‘grand routier’ designed to last

2022 RML Group Short Wheelbase Pre-Production
Looks simple; is not. • source RML Group

If you walked into a dealer and the salesperson told you about this cool, retro-styled GT car inspired by the “golden era of motoring,” as the RML Group refers to it…then mentioned you’d need to start the process with a donor Ferrari 550’s engine…

How long is your next sip of espresso?

It’s absolutely the glory years of motoring if it’s possible to not only resurrect the shape, spirit, and panache of a Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta swb—but significantly improve the grand touring car in the process.

For starters, it has Apple CarPlay. Job done, then.

A 5.5-litre Ferrari V12 engine. Six-speed manual gearbox. Carbon composite construction and body strength many times greater than the Ferrari that inspired the RML Short Wheelbase.

This makes sense, considering RML Group has developed some of the world’s most successful (WTCC Chevrolet and BTCC Nissan touring cars), impressive (Saleen S7), notorious (Nissan ZEOD RC), and wild (road-going Aston Martin Vulcan) performance cars.

“Imagine, for example, making full use of the car’s performance and then hitting a traffic jam in downtown Dubai in 50-degree heat – well, that’s what it’s designed to cope with.”
–Jonathan Bowen, head of design, RML Short Wheelbase

interior render of the RML Short Wheelbase in tan
interior render of the RML Short Wheelbase • source RML Group

Room for 6’6” occupants, full air conditioning, and interior trimmed to a customer’s specifications were all conceived of from scratch in order to create a truly original car. (Even though it looks like something else.)

I’ll keep on top of RML updates on the project; this is the Pre-Production car before final customer versions are built.

For the perfect three-car garage…this, a GMA T.33, and Wuling Mini EV?

source • RML Group (website, release)