2022 Ferrari F1-75

New era, new challenger for Formula 1’s most historic team about to tackle the 2022 season

2022 Ferrari F1-75
In red, what racing car doesn’t look good? source • Ferrari

Why are you truly, madly, deeply excited about cars? Chances are, it’s a cauldron of influences, memories, sensations…and the fact Ferrari has been trying to make the fastest cars for competition over the last 68 years.

As long as you’ve got one team who will definitely show up to compete and one challenger…it's a race. String a few races together and you have a championship.

In Formula 1, to be the best, every team had to beat Ferrari. Thankfully, this beaten horse is very much alive, and confidently swaggering into the 2022 season with high hopes.

More detailed specs from Ferrari on the F1-75 below.

“The car, the sixty-eighth built to compete in the top car category, is characterized by an unprecedented shade of red, specially developed by the Ferrari Style Center…”
– Ferrari

F1-75 - Technical sheet

  • power unit 066/7
  • displacement 1600 cc
  • maximum rotation speed 15,000
  • supercharging: single turbo
  • petrol flow rate 100 kg / hr max
  • V6 configuration 90 °
  • bore 80 mm
  • stroke 53 mm
  • valves: 4 per cylinder
  • direct injection, max 500 bar

ERS system

  • configuration Hybrid energy recovery system through electric motogenerators
  • battery pack Lithium-ion batteries with a minimum weight of 20 kg
  • maximum battery pack capacity 4 MJ
  • maximum power MGU-K 120 kW (163 horsepower)
  • maximum rotation speed MGU-K 50,000 rpm
  • maximum rotational speed MGU-H 125,000 rpm
launch images included sponsor logos — we opted to crop those out… • source Ferrari

F1-75 chassis

  • total weight with water, oil and driver 795 kg
  • frame in carbon fiber honeycomb composite material with halo protection for the passenger compartment Carbon fiber body and seat
  • hydraulically controlled rear differential Carbon
  • self-ventilated disc brakes Brembo (front and rear) and electronic control system on the rear brakes
  • Ferrari 8-speed plus rear longitudinal gearbox
  • front strut suspension (push-rod scheme)
  • rear tie-rod suspension (pull-rod)
  • front and rear wheels: 18 "

Will the team get it right in 2022? Who knows—but Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz will be suited up from today until the last race is over on November 20.


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2022 Ferrari F1-75
New era, new challenger for Formula 1’s most historic team about to tackle the 2022 season
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