2022 McLaren Racing MCL36

Things are getting more real for 2022 as McLaren shows off its different interpretation of the new regulations.

2022 McLaren Racing MCL36
You’re looking at the first (and only, as of yet) 2022 Formula 1 car with its front suspension in a ‘pullrod’ layout. Source: McLaren Racing

Every few years, there’s a team that either introduces a brand-new technical advancement…or a team looks to the past and dusts off a design concept that others avoid. Among the recurring concepts, one in particular seems to get technical types riled up: pull rod front suspension.

The 2022 McLaren Racing MCL36 has pull rod front suspension, reintroduced in theory to give the car better aerodynamic properties. Ground effects are returning, and the cleaner airflow and lower centre of gravity with this setup.

Technical Director James Key said during the announcement that either some teams also changed to a similar design…or they would be the only ones.

side view of 2022 McLaren Racing MCL36
2022 McLaren Racing MCL36. Source: McLaren Racing
“With a blank sheet of paper, the team here at McLaren have been working hard to establish a competitive platform for this and future seasons.
“However, we know we’ve only just begun to unlock performance from this regulation set, and that one of the key features of the 2022 season will be the intense development war as teams assess each other’s designs and innovate new ways of generating downforce through ground-effect.”
– James Key, Technical Director, McLaren Formula 1 team

For a team with two star drivers in Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris, continuing with its Mercedes-AMG F1 M13 E Performance power unit, and the support of McLaren Racing staff, hopes are high that the new car starts strong in pre-season testing.

Surprisingly, McLaren Racing was nice enough to create an entire page of specifications for its new Formula One car. Rather than lift it, pay them a visit if you’re interested more technical details.

front 3/4 shot of 2022 McLaren Racing MCL36
2022 McLaren Racing MCL36. Source: McLaren Racing

Sources: McLaren Racing (website, tech specs), Formula 1 Dictionary: pullrod and pushrod explainer (website), Formula 1 (website)

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Formula 1 launch schedule

  • Haas VF-22 - 4 February
  • Red Bull RB18 - 9 February
  • Aston Martin AMR22 - 10 February
  • McLaren MCL36 - 11 February
  • AlphaTauri AT03 - 14 February
  • Williams FW44 - 15 February
  • Ferrari F1-75 - 17 February
  • Mercedes W13 - 18 February
  • Alpine A522 - 22 February
  • Alfa Romeo C40 - 27 February