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I’m trying something new today, in part because I’ve missed doing listicles, and in part because it’s a more efficient way to disseminate watchable content. ;)

I’ve set it up like a takeout menu, and lightly grouped the items. Let me know if you enjoy this format and email over the weekend, and in the comments, use the #s to reference any items you’d like to.

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  1. Why did Volkswagen make its Car-Net services free for the next five years? In part, because of Cory Doctorow’s reporting of a kidnapping story framed as an IT failure of Big Car: Pluralistic: VW wouldn't locate kidnapped child because his mother didn't pay for find-my-car subscription.
  2. Major points from the story are in a thread here:
  1. Big Car, I say? Who will challenge them? Uh… “Startups don’t stand a chance” according to veteran journalist Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield. Here’s a a succinct rundown of the Western EV industry in less than 20 minutes:

  1. Being disrespectful to creators has real, long-term consequences for those creators—sadly, I think that’s the point of bastards and trolls who abused the Transport Evolved staff enough for the popular EV channel to recently turn off its comments. Having been subjected to plenty of online abuse in the past, I empathize and support their decision:

  2. CarNewsChina is a must-read site, especially because its editors sometimes drop facts like this into news articles

“Ford currently has only Mach-E EVs on sale in China. In 2022, Ford sold 181,274 cars in China, down 13% from 2021. One big reason is that for every 100 vehicles sold in the Chinese market, about 30 are EVs; For every 100 vehicles sold by Ford, approximately 3 are EVs. Ford’s EV process in China has lagged behind most competitors.”

  1. Cars that repo themselves? Yikes. Subject matter warning re: discussion:

  1. Meanwhile, in the U.S.: check out “Making EVs is hard” by Patrick George in The Autopian, reporting on a story originally by The Wall St. Journal.
  2. Making software-enabled cars is hard, too:
“The auto sector paid out just 10 percent of what telecoms spent on white-hat hackers to find and eliminate security threats in 2022”

…says the subhead in Jalopnik. Original story in AutomotiveNews: Auto industry risks security breaches by underpaying white hat hackers (sub req’d).

  1. MG Comet / Wuling Air EV – Now on sale in multiple countries under various brands (and even as a knock-down kit in Indonesia), the Wuling Air EV is heading to India badged as the MG Comet. 300 km range, DC Fast Charging, and 100 km/h top speed. Offered in two lengths, this desirable small EV is priced at about $13,000 Usd. MG is also active in Europe, so hopefully MG is onto something by helping to bring less expensive cars to more people. via CarNewsChina: Rebadged Wuling Air EV launched in India as MG Comet
  2. Yes, the Air / Comet related to the Mini EV. via Get to know the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV
  3. “Phone companies” make cars now, or rather…they’re more upfront about it now.


Fiat’s “Welcome to Pandelleria”:

  1. In Italian with English subtitles—Fiat produced a 30-minute documentary about an island filled with Pandas. It’s fantastic:

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  1. File under: Things I didn’t know existed but will never forget. This 700 HP Camper Is The World’s Fastest Class A Motorhome And You Can Buy It via The Autopian

  1. Stylish doggo:
  1. Electrify America lol:
  1. Riverbed NSX:
  1. I agree completely.
  1. Swedish meatball:
  1. Callum Ilott makes a great point, despite being an IndyCar driver himself:
  1. “Caution!! I’m now driving just like a crazy wolf!”
  1. Electrify America lol pt. II:

  1. Is putting a Tesla Model S P100D motor, as well as a 100kWh battery pack out of the same Tesla enough to make an old Land Rover the “world’s fastest”? I don’t know, but this thing RIPS. Built by EV conversion veterans Electric Classic Cars:

  2. 1,000 horsepower + 9,500 rpm = 🏎💨

  3. Suzuki Jimny…as a track car?! Attack Tsukuba 2023 had some gems in 2023:

  4. Toyota’s new EV is not exactly performing at the top of the class…

  1. One piece of design you love most:
  1. Sometimes, I spend too much time looking at classified ads:

  1. Sometimes, creators work long and hard enough to create amazing opportunities for themselves. Take Davide Cironi, an Italian presenter, who just spent time with the official Pagani crew at a rare Spa-Francorchamps track day. The sound? Wild. The comments? Positive:
  1. Last word: When the Germans are questioning their own products, welp…

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