Lessons from writing more than 100,000 posts about vehicles

Taking a high-level approach to finding success in your automotive social media niche

Lessons from writing more than 100,000 posts about vehicles

Social media is kind of a mess right now for creators, isn’t it?

I’m not talking about the larger accounts who have already grown a following, but the vast majority of new and returning content creators who are trying to get our work in front of more people.

If you’re a car content creator with between 500–10,000 followers and want to ensure your posts are seen by more and more people, you’re in the right place. :)

But if you’re looking for an off-the-shelf list of tactics to copy or for the secret formula to earning millions of fans—keep looking.

This article is focused on posts with intention, where a creator is actively trying to share their work, promote products, or participate in an online conversation relevant to their interests or expertise.

It’s also 1/4 of what I’ve written out but decided it was getting way too long for email! Let me know what I should tackle next: Post formatting/hashtags? Commenting? Analytics? Sh!tposting? Reply to this email or leave your comment below the post online.

Go after the audience you’re hoping to attract and set goals for yourself:
hitting a certain follower or “Likes” count will then become much less
of a day-to-day mental burden.

Slogan time

Not to be sensational with the title, but I hadn’t actually realized I’d hit the milestone of 100,000 posts until late this week.

Since 2007, I’ve made more than 50,000 personal tweets, plus thousands of Facebook and Instagram posts; but when you include my client work over more than a decade—sometimes planning and writing three posts per day for multiple accounts and platforms—100,000 is my most educated guess.

I want to address the metrics portion of this first; you may be wondering: if I know what’s effective on social media, why do I only have ~7,000 followers on Twitter, less than 2,000 on Instagram, and fewer elsewhere? Stick around until the end to find out.

The advice I hate to read most in these types of articles is to “just do it” but really: just do it.

Start posting now.

It’s for your audience, not for you

There are countless ways to curate and grow a successful social media presence—I’ll let you guess what these all have in common: