Front Page • January 28, 2022

Cruise autonomous trips gaining momentum, Kimera EVO37, and a new Qoros for China.

Front Page • January 28, 2022
2022 Kimera EVO37 during the 2022 Monte Carlo Rally. Source: Jaanus Ree; @jaanusree / Kimera

Today: Cruise autonomous trips gaining momentum and a new Qoros for China.

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2022 Qoros 6
Compact sedan for China with gasoline or electric powertrains
Cruise takes GM CEO Mary Barra for a driverless ride
The news? Driverless technology is less newsworthy every day
^ Yes, it looks boring but is not "filler" news, promise! -mb

vent detail on 2022 bowlus travel trailer
Update: 2022 Bowlus article with brake controller info and additional photos.

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