Pininfarina Peugette

Car of the Day #34: 1976 Pininfarina Peugette

Pininfarina Peugette
Pininfarina Peugette • source unknown

Stop me if you've heard this before: small, light, cheap, fun sports car that never went into production. 

Here’s another, only this time it is a conceptual Italian track car with front-drive Peugeot supermini mechanicals and strikingly simple bodywork.

Look past its ridiculous rollover protection and the Peugette is quite modern. First, track cars are now a viable business. Although driving a race car quickly is altogether more safe and approachable than it ever has been – driving is an increasingly expensive hobby.

In 1976, Pininfarina's goal was to design a small, cheap sports car for young people that was quick, handled well, and was versatile. 

A track car for the people.

There are eight body panels in total, six of which are interchangeable—the doors are swappable, as are the hood and the trunk.