New book: Made In Italy

Upcoming coffee table book promises to be a thrilling look into Italian cars & culture

New book: Made In Italy
Piotr Degler has a keen eye for composing shots you're ready to fall into. Source: STUDIO DEGLER

One of my most cherished coffee table books is Carros De Cuba, shot on location in Cuba by photographer Piotr Degler. Why? I see something new every time I open it.

His next project is almost completely opposite to his last: a 10+ year dive into the Italian automotive industry. And it looks hot.

gif showing different vehicles pictured in the 'made in italy' book
various photos from the Made In Italy book

Before you start flipping through the (few) pictures I borrowed to illustrate this article, and get surprised by the (pre-order) price of 95€, consider this:

  • self-edited by Piotr Degler and DEGLER STUDIO
  • shot over more than 10 years
  • printed in Italy
  • cost more than 100,000€ to create

Besides the photos, the book includes a series of interviews with legends you’re more familiar with on a last name basis: Dallara, Fioravanti, Gandini, Giugiaro, Manzoni, Martin, Pagani, Pininfarina, Spada, Stola, and Zagato.

If helped you spend your hard-earned $, let us know on social media. ;)


“If you create something, it needs to be something never seen before. I wanted to create something each car-, photography- or design-enthusiast could proudly display in his living room, sharing it with friends and enjoying it from time to time."

– Piotr Degler

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