lunchbox 82

This newsletter is scented using ELECTRIKHANA by Ken Block

lunchbox 82

What if auto news was written in condensed form so you’ll have more time to re-watch Ken Block’s latest? Let’s find out…

Because it’s a bit slow again today, I’m going to dispense with a lot of the formatting and write the news out in one shot. More images from Electrikhana are at the bottom. ::

Las Vegas. Ken Block. Audi. Three things that shouldn’t go well together but absolutely do. I’ll let the internet judge where this falls within the pecking order of gymkhana, but my heart still burns for an open space, a Subaru rally car, and the main stunt being raw driving aggression. Audi’s new S1 quattro HOONITRON embarks on a tire-shredding tour of Las Vegas in Electrikhana: High Stakes Playground. Gotta love marketing budgets, amirite?? 🏁 :: Hoonigan on YouTube ::

What does it look like when professional drifters get together and film a promotional video about…uh…Halloween? Charmingly amateur. 🏁 :: Vaughn Gitten Jr on YouTube ::

Until Electrikhana dropped, it was one of those days where you wake up and every automotive site is flooded with reviews of the 2023 Toyota Crown sedan, and the Americans immediately got out red pens to mark the Crown not as sedan-divergent, but as “weird”. Lame. 2023 Toyota Crown…Courts Controversy!Equal Parts Weird and Normal!Nonconformist to a fault!Big, Cramped, Confused, And Weird!Slick New Flagship Sedan Leaves Us a Bit Crownfused!A Weird, Flashy, Easy-to-Enter Avalon!Is Gleefully Weird and Impressively Quick! Hoping to find a nuanced view of this all-wheel-drive sedan hoping to conquest sales from SUV and crossover owners who demand efficiency, all-wheel-drive, and brand-name quality? I’m still looking. 🏁 ::

In Europe, they sell several Skoda, including electric ones like the Enyaq (SUV) coupe RS iV I wrote about earlier this year. Well, it’s time to meet the Enyaq RS—same drivetrain, boxier body style. 🏁 :: Carscoops ::

Today marks a milestone in automotive history: Lotus is coming out with an electric SUV that’s fast. And probably heavy. But definitely fast, expensive, and as lovable as a W Hotel bathroom. Future owners will repeat the Lotus’ name like college kids introduce themselves at a loud house party. “What’s your name again; Evelyn?” “Eletre.” “Ellie?” “EleTRE.” “Oh, Esther! That’s my cousin’s name.” “🤬…” Does Autocar writing: “Urus-sized, tech-rich, high-performance SUV marks firm's shift to high-tech EV maker” make you want nothing more than a Caterham? 🏁 :: Autocar ::

An SUV from Lotus. Sedans that look and perform like crossovers. An electric rally car tearing up the Las Vegas strip. Is this the worst timeline or just a messy one? -M🏁



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