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What’s new in the world of cars? Mitsubishi has a concept trucklet for us. Yay…

lunchbox 79

Before we get into Mitsubishi’s latest but not new-looking concept crossover inspired by the buddy system, it’s important to stop off at the studio of an influential Welsh artist you may not know by name but you’d know his work: DEATHSPRAY.

Protip: “Why don’t you just vinyl wrap it?” isn’t a great question to ask an airbrush artist who also paints cars.

David Gwyther, aka death spray custom takes you through his workshop, ethos, and the high standard of quality his work must meet before it’s considered finished.

Inside voice: If I can ever make a x death spray custom collab possible it would be a dream come true. 👨‍🎨

DEATHSPRAY: A Type 7 Film • Type7

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image shamelessly stolen from Hooniverse ✌️

I met my close friend Shane, a mechanic, before we worked together at a small Volvo dealer, when I had stopped by that dealer to see about getting a 3-inch muffler installed on my 740…hey, boys be boys.

…anyway, we still talk almost daily and I’ve learned way too much over the years from his gift for understanding the nuts, bolts, electrical and mechanical parts in cars.

One day, when discussing how I’m planning on stripping as much as possible from the engine bay in my project car, he casually mentioned I’d just need a Volvo electric power steering pump from an S40.

“They work in anything,” he told me, and then explained—to my disbelief—what makes this part so essential for MANY current racing, drift, and time attack cars.

I casually tweeted about it, and…yeah: Hooniverse did a story on it! 👌

Encyclopedia Hoonatica: This Volvo power steering pump is amazing • Hooniverse

I genuinely think it’s a problem that, to me at least, every Mitsubishi crossover concept from the late 2000s until now looks largely the same.

The XFC was shown yesterday.

Not to be glib, or condescending—but puffing out fenders and filling fascias to match Nissan hard points is a far cry from highs like the TETRA (1997), Pajero Evo 2+2 (2001), and Concept-cX (2007).

“With the concept of being the "best-suited buddy for an exciting life," the Mitsubishi XFC Concept is a next-generation compact SUV that offers the powerful and imposing design of an SUV, utility such as ease of handling and an ample cargo space, comfort including a class-leading interior space, and safe, secure road handling even on rough surfaces or roads flooded by heavy rains.”

BUT!!!! I will say that the seats are incredible, and remind me of the chairs in 1989-90 Suzuki Cervo (CG72V/CH72V) coupes. Gold star.

World Premiere of Mitsubishi Motors' Compact SUV Concept Car:The Mitsubishi XFC Concept • Mitsubishi



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