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EV Honda SUVs skating on General Motors technology is not how I saw the electric car revolution playing out—but here we are. Also: (beautiful) street drifting in Canada and Alexa in your BMWs.

lunchbox 69

What do you get when you cross a Honda with a GM?

Since 2020, the two companies have been working on just that. Whereas back then, they touted millions of compact electric cars, reality begins with a CR-V -topping road-focused crossover called Prologue.

“I drive a Prologue…”

“You what?”

H-honda, is that you? The relationship between General Motors is closer to that of business trip f**k buddies than long-term lovers, and you can tell by the cars. No headline specs have been revealed on the 2024 Honda Prologue, only these photos.

When the most celebrated offspring from past trysts is the Saturn Vue Red Line, I took the chance to skip down memory lane and remember what life was like for me at 20. And all I could remember was cars. Tony Quiroga, then writing for Automobile, finished his piece by saying:

“When selling an off-brand or cut-price item, electronics salespeople have long used the phrase 'Sony guts' to assure customers that, despite outward appearances, the equipment has the best in the industry inside. They were usually lying, but Saturn sales consultants should take a note from their retail brethren and start convincing Vue customers that V-6 versions have 'Honda guts'.”

Other than its annoyingly daycare-ish ‘honda’ EV badging and some unique trims & facias, you’re looking at a Chevrolet Blazer EV. Same interior switchgear, same Ultium electric vehicle platform—with likely similar range (up to 325 miles) and powertrains (front-drive or all-wheel-drive).

If it means more people can enjoy all-electric motoring, what’s not to love? If you’re a salesman, however, it might be time to see how people react to learning ‘GM guts’ will make Honda’s flagship on-road SUV possible.

Charging Toward Adventure: Honda Reveals Styling of All-New Prologue Electrified SUV • Honda

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• a vibe, not an ad

Tandem drifts on remote British Columbian roads? Hell yeah. Blame these Canadians for “illegally” “drifting” their cars, sure, but you’re missing the larger picture. I, for one would much rather share the roads with a team of dedicated enthusiasts scouting, preparing for, and drifting in a lightly-trafficked area than red light drag racers hell-bent on showing off.

Anyway, the music is sick, the drifting is epic, and the footage is draped in maple syrup-tinged late afternoon light.

Mountain Drifting III | 240SX & Cressida (4K) • Checkpoint Japan

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