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Rally crashes, rally specials, and a special car that fellow time attack builders can rally around as one of the greats.

It’s tough to watch, but hard to look away: a racing driver showing raw emotion is not something you see every day. 🥺

20-year-old Oliver Solberg crashed out one corner into the second stage of this past weekend’s Rally Finland. It’s rare to see this much emotion from a driver, but DirtFish did an incredible job at the scene of Solberg’s off to show the young driver at his most vulnerable.

I hope his team and support system have already helped to shift his focus to the next round. What a tough way to crash out.

WRC Rally Finland is one of the highlights each year, and 2022 did. not. disappoint. While I singled out Oliver Solberg’s off for the candid interview above, he’s far from the only top driver to face trouble during the event.

You can watch the official recap and results, but honestly, DirtFish does it best if you just want to watch rally cars doing rally car things. via DirtFish

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This NSX holds its class record at any track it has raced at…so wow. Join longtime car builder, photographer, and media expert Mike Burroughs—you know his yellow time attack Ferrari 308, right?—as he tours a friend’s heavily modified Honda NSX.

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2014 Prodrive MINI Cooper S All4 Countryman, £39,995 • I didn’t have anything planned for today’s car search, so opened up AutoTempest and searched for “rally car”.

Not only did a Canadian, road-registered 1986 Ford RS200 pop up (it’s been for sale for a while), so too did a 1976 Ferrari 308 x Michelotto ‘rally car’—as did a surprising deluge of muscle cars.

This was getting me nowhere, and despite finding a decent RHD 2000 Subaru Impreza WRX STI (located in Minnesota of all places), I was quickly losing hope.

Then I remembered a firm called RPS, known for specializing in preparing classic cars for long-distance racing and rally events. Sure enough, they have a rarity even I didn’t know about: a 1-of-3 Prodrive-modified 2014 MINI Cooper S All4 Countryman.

Talk about a sleeper car…with the benefit of more power, more advanced suspension and upgrades to key drivetrain components, this must be the ultimate MINI nouveau. Neat. via