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My Volvo Romance, the upcoming Cadillac flagship (fastback) sedan, and wait, fast Volvos? Plus, turning off gas pump advertising.

My Volvo Romance, the upcoming Cadillac flagship (fastback) sedan, and wait, fast Volvos? Plus, turning off gas pump advertising.

my 1990 Volvo 740 Turbo -mb

Something coming up here on—for members only—will be a full project page for my 1990 Volvo 740 Turbo as I share its journey from barn to B-roads.

This is actually the first car I’ve ever owned, and although I lack the funds to do a YouTube-style SEMA-ready restoration, my modest plans for the car should be fun for you to check out.

After the first 20+ years of ownership, I figure it’s time to drive my car again… When I parked it, there was little to no Volvo tuning community in North America—things have changed in recent years for the better. 😉

Alongside this, I’ve been working on a (really great) project tracking spreadsheet and log book that I’ll eventually make available to anyone who wants ‘em.

I know what I’m doing with the car, what do you think I’ll be doing with it? ;)

cadillac celestiq and model
Cadillac Celestiq preview • via Cadillac

Imagine being an executive at CADILLAC of all places, trying to convince your peers to develop an ultra-luxury sedan. In this economy!

The (reportedly ~$300k Usd.) 2025 Celestiq EV will either sell like hotcakes…or will be the XLR of luxury sedans. As a proof of concept model, General Motors has thrown every 2000s tech trope at the car: Ultra Cruise, a 55-inch digital screen, “Suspended Particle Device” moonroof, “electronic digital blinds”—so passengers can watch PornHub without bothering the driver—and the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon Ride Platform.

I think that all of this effort serves to do one thing, and one thing only. It shows the world that Cadillac hasn’t the faintest fucking clue about what luxury actually is. It’s most certainly not a tomb-like digital-first slab of Pure Michigan that’ll wow Cobo Hall attendees and bore the Villa d’Este set.

Steve Hanley at Clean Technica said it best with the headline: “Cadillac Celestiq Is An Orgy Of Self-Congratulation For The Well-Heeled”

If you’re waiting for your tee time to start, here’s the microsite via Cadillac.

^ queued up. I was going to feature a different video but am rapidly running out of time to get this out by the end of lunch hour—so instead, I’ll share THE video that inspired me most back 15 years ago. More on this soon, but my 740 Turbo is actually subtly modified: chassis braces, turbo tweaks, Group-A cam, exhaust. Is it modified like this? Not yet… TURN IT UP!!

TV on gas pumps is the worst. Here is how to (in most cases) turn it off. Hallelujah! Andrew P. Collins via The Drive