Honda e by Innovate Composites

Widebody. Honda e. EV. What's not to love?

Honda e by Innovate Composites
We l-o-v-e its brute-cute looks. Source: Innovate Composites 

This Honda e, an electric small car, has recently been taken from a legendary computer render to an actual, custom, widebody car. Then it was given a Max Verstappen-inspired makeover—all thanks to a forward-thinking UK firm called Innovate Composites.

Queued up to the project's "why" moment for you :)

Underneath, it’s still a Honda e. Visually, it’s a futuristic, take-your-lunch-money electric hill climb racer. As the project is still in development, join us in following Innovate Composites on social media and cheering them on along the way.

“When this is done and when people see this, it’s going to be a big step to EVs and the modifying community around EV cars.”

– James, Innovate Composites

Sources: Innovate Composites (Instagram: @innovatecomposites, YouTube)