𝙕𝙡𝙂𝙕𝘼𝙂 𝟘𝟘𝟚: Here’s the stinger

⟿ KIA badges, women racers, retro Thailand trackdays, and a forgotten Fiat

𝙕𝙡𝙂𝙕𝘼𝙂 𝟘𝟘𝟚: Here’s the stinger
• portion of a Kia ad in ~1975

⚑ Don’t mix confusion with curiosity.

Those who Do and Read Car Things knew Kia changed its logo in 2021 minutes after it had happened, because we are collectively kinda sick. Most people are busy, stressed, not into cars—and are very much surprised at noticing the FedEx logo’s arrow.

For an emblem most often seen irl, KIA, KN, KM—doesn’t matter. The brand is encouraging future customers to enjoy hits of dopamine as they solve this tiny puzzle, and (possibly) deter shoppers who Would Never Buy a KEY-A.

Kia gets an added bonus of making these searches tough (and expensive) for competing brands to buy keywords against.

More searches, dear car blogs, means more curiosity—not more confusion. (Confusion happens years later when the Kia’s subframe spontaneously dissolves into rust.)

There’s a new Abarth, but I will write more on that tomorrow because I’d already prepared to talk about the 2019 Fiat Concept Centoventi.

I included the year because, well, in our collective post-C0VID hangover I’m only just remembering Fiat had pioneered its own (slightly smaller) Citroën Oli-like concept car…in essentially the same monotone grey and orange accent colour scheme.

WHY talk about this? THERE IS A CONFIGURATOR (in Italian)! Which made me wonder: why don’t all concept cars have configuration tools? Designers create digital files and multiple colour / trim variations anyway, and automaker web teams log every interaction down to the click. Seems a shame to not make use of digital tools to build better cars…

That’s my take on a speedster.news-van version. -MB

Some advice: when artist Richard Parry tweets that he’s finished another garage cutaway, you read the thread and then rush over to download his full 50mb file and go searching for every. last. easter. egg.

Each painstakingly created work of art is a puzzle you’ll have to piece together from cultural references, motorsport trivia—and even dive deep to get closer to Red Bull’s connection to SPICE WORLD.

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A few months on, this tweet by @AshinChina—and related thread—keeps swirling around in my head. If anyone has an idea of what legacy manufacturers have been p***ing time away on or how this will play out over the next 5-10 years, let’s hear it. ;)

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“If it wasn’t a legal obligation, then what’s the crime?” asked an attorney familiar with the case. “If it wasn’t a legal obligation, then Nissan wouldn’t have to pay” — and didn’t. Ghosn never received a penny of the 9.3 billion yen.

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❝ this post reminded me nissan still sells the leaf cont’d below


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