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Ford Everest, new McDonald-branded racewear, and much much more

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Story on the new Ford Everest is linked below ;) • source Ford

2023 Ford Everest
Ford’s new Ranger-based SUV for pretty much everywhere but North America and Europe

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“For years, racing culture has had a presence in streetwear culture. Growing up, I remember how cool it was to rock a racing jacket with all the different patches and designs, so I was more than happy to model this collection,” – Bubba Wallace • 23XI RacingMcDonald'sBubba Wallace

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🚙 Fascinating updates from Richard Lane in Autocar, who traveled to Hambach, a former Mercedes / smart facility near Strasbourg, France—close to the border with Germany. Hambach made smart cars, now they make 4x4s thanks to Sir Jim Ratcliffe & Ineos Automotive.

“The Grenadier will even use the same lines as the Smart cars, but therein lay the problem for Ineos’s manufacturing team when it gained the keys to the place […] attempting to build one […] on lines designed for something half as long and a third as heavy would result in carnage.”
🍷 An incredible saga about a very (very) special glass bowl.

“Henry Ford and his wife Clara had very little money at the time of the race (1901) and a humble home on Hendrie Street in Detroit hardly befitting such a fine piece of glassware. Their son Edsel celebrated his eighth birthday shortly after the race was won. Soon after bringing the bowl home, Clara would express (repeatedly) concern that it would be broken.”
☠ Local Motors has a special place in my heart and it’s sad to see it go. Its founder and CEO was an early participant in #carchat on Twitter and remains a visionary doer in the mobility space. The Rally Fighter especially will go down as a turning point in a new wave of coach building. (Really.)

“The company made a big splash in the late 2000s with the release of the Rally Fighter, but never really found a footing after that.”
🎧 A wide-ranging, must listen to podcast featuring Brian Scotto and for Collecting Cars. From his upbringing to the (fantastic) 0-60 mag and Hoonigan, it’s awesome to hear Brian talk about his perspective on media and cars. Lots to learn. And yes, Brian, some of us totally remember THAT drift from Gymkhana Practice.

“So…when did you first meet Ken Block?” – Chris Harris to Brian Scotto
Collecting Cars on YouTube
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