Ford ShocccWave

Car of the Day #83: 1990 Ford ShocccWave

Ford ShocccWave
1990 Ford ShocccWave • via Wheelsage

I’m always appreciative of the love that comes my way for unearthing, revisiting, or reminding y’all about a wide-ranging, ever-growing collection of human interest stories that just happen to have weird cars attached to them.

When I’m not working on a wholly original story, I’m simply standing on the shoulders of giants, namely, the sources that put this information out there first.

Considering this concept, the long-defunct but beloved website should get a gold star for writing about the 1990 Ford ShocccWave way back in 2013, and a platinum star for wondering aloud who the hell is represented in its photos — is this Phil Donahue’s evil twin?

1990 Ford ShocccWave • via Wheelsage
1990 Ford ShocccWave. Why are jockeys and racehorses behind this person? Is he gambling? Does he own horses? If so, Is it named ShocccHorse? • via

To me, this person looks like the final boss for a cancelled season of action TV’s most popular series starring a V10-powered, transforming sports coupe…VIPER

Before you ask, the three Cs in ShocccWave are for Ford’s “Concept Center California” — but I can't seem to figure out where exactly that facility would have been in 1990. Chime in the comments… 

The important thing for you import tuner kiddos to note is that this car was powered by the Taurus SHO's V6 engine and had an all-wheel-drive system to match. 

Honda Integra vs Toyota Celica vs Ford ShocccWave? Hell yeah. I have aphantasia, and even I can picture the buff book covers.

1990 Ford ShocccWave interior; note changeable console panels and a grey seat support that would have floated the passenger seat off of the floor. • via Wheelsage

Like other cars from this era, Ford was experimenting with an extremely ergonomic, adjustable cockpit and even adjustable aerodynamics; its pert rear spoiler moves up and down depending on the speed. Check out the coverings over its windshield and how it blends with the side mirrors.

These days? Mount slim cameras and call it safe.

Typical of a C tier concept car, specific details for how features operated or how it may have performed is rare to find. If a lost dossier of ShocccWave information ever shows up, you bet it will show up here as an exciting amendment.

• via Wheelsage
Ford ShocccWave rear spoiler • via Wheelsage

The usual forward-thinking 1990s concept car niceties apply here:

  • Owing to a central structure, its seats were cantilevered over the floor on either side.
  • The driver’s controls could be reconfigured and repositioned
  • It rode on composite 18-inch wheels
  • Cowboy hat included

As a successor to the Ford Probe, do you think it would have sold? 

With the benefit of hindsight, ShocccWave may not have made waves, found good tidings or swift currents — but it did give us Roger Penske's clone.


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