𝙕𝙡𝙂𝙕𝘼𝙂 𝟘𝟙𝟘: Extra-ordinary

Elevating the typical: C4 Corvettes, Lada Nivas, and the BYD Seal

𝙕𝙡𝙂𝙕𝘼𝙂 𝟘𝟙𝟘: Extra-ordinary

⚑ Whether you’re new here or a longtime friend, it’s time I explained what I consider to be top of the meta.

Meta being the discussion of the discussion itself; here, top of the meta are automotive concepts that I feel are most important.

First? How humans are continually remixing, upgrading, and elevating the most basic things into works of great art.

Like how a 1968 Fender Stratocaster (~$330 Usd. when new) can become a $2 million Usd. guitar if used by the right person—say, Jimi Hendrix—there are all sorts of examples of well-prepared “everyday” things (and vehicles) transcending their original design and purpose.

Making something out of nothing is where it is at.

Keep that in mind as we look at a new, more mainstream electric sedan from China destined for export—what would a transcendent Bonneville-bound streamliner, dirt track racing, or an ultra-inexpensive BYD Seal look like?

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Naming a car company Build Your Dreams (BYD) is a bit like hanging a motivational poster on the back of your car; at least BYD is swimming to their own stroke. Famous for its growing lineup of water-based mammals, this is the Seal.

What to improve, according to Ethan from Wheelsboy? Mid-sized and packed with the latest in technology literally built in: its batteries being sandwiched into the structure of the car (e-platform 3.0). Headline specs will certainly earn eyeballs: up to 700 km (CLTC) in Long Range trim—and more than 500 horsepower in top models.

While Ethan says it’s quiet on the road and drives well, he notes the BYD driver assistance suite doesn’t match up to its rivals. How will it translate to markets like Australia, Europe, and in Asia when exports begin next year?

If you’re able to test drive one, share your impressions with us..

The BYD Seal Is The New Benchmark • Wheelsboy

WESTNYLE, ON THE CAR INDUSTRY: “F**k these Volvos, conspiracy’s cool; they only want you in electric cars so they can rule. Flick of the button that s**t be outta service; f**k that Beemer subscription service…” • Can’t Go To Sleep (Gmix) • westnylefx

What does good on-road driving actually look like?

It’s a question I’ve not yet found a suitable answer for (even Jackie Stewart had a go of explaining it1), however, professional emergency services drivers are a solid place to start looking.

With the magic of YouTube, it’s possible to follow a call from start to finish; this Volvo wagon may have lights and sirens, but it’s clear the driver, Chris Martin, is employing a number of time-honored safe driving tricks.

Looking far ahead, focusing on the horizon, keeping shoulders planted on your seat, arms relaxed, smooth inputs…Chris is hauling ass at times but if anything, his facial expressions reacting to other drivers are closer to someone rushing home for a #2.

Formula 1 is cool and all, but a World Champion isn’t driving to save lives…

999 response - first drive with BHECCS • Chris Martin EMS

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1 The Jackie Stewart video linked above is extremely late-’80s and chock-full of Ford products…yeah, I’ve linked it below!

CORRECTION :: “…of all the media outlets that have published articles on this, only one of them actually reached out to us before publishing their article. So congratulations, Jalopnik, you win the journalism award. No one else even contacted us about this before publishing their articles, and many of them are just publishing them based on things that they have read on other published things…and it's like the old game of telephones getting further and further away from the truth…” ZIGZAG 009


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