Dodge T-Rex

Car of the Day #21: 1997 Dodge Ram T-Rex

Dodge T-Rex
Dodge T-Rex • via Dodge

Why should I care? 

The fuel-saving, the aerodynamic studies, the small cars and editorials extolling the virtues of driving less. When my words and actions are, clearly, less impactful to society than an NFL’ers post-game private flight. Striving, hustling, working my fingers to the bone…I’ve tried it. Meditations, medications, solo hikes, supplements, polar dips, so much therapy, and a lycra-clad buttload of yoga.

Do you know how to make bone broth? Gluten-free bread? Low-sugar cookies? No-FODMAP dinners? I do. I can elimination diet with the best of ’em. Food waste is my sworn enemy; I can’t remember the last meal, sit down or take-out, that I had at a restaurant. If you’re lucky, you’d see me out in the world as a masked, vax’d, and highly taxed person. I don’t drink alcohol, but can you get me a warm water?

For all the scrimping and saving and ecologically-minded, hygge-filled life choices, I have woken up each day for the last 30 years not wanting to be here; that’s not a joke, that’s a neurological defect. The more I try, the worse it gets.

I remember the Dodge T-Rex 6x6 well from when I was a kid.

At that time, I would have been obsessed with sports cars like the Lotus Elise, Ferrari F50, Porsche Boxster, and the updated “Ketchup and Mustard” Dodge Viper SRII models. All were small, nimble, quick. Even then I could not cope.

The Dodge T-Rex 6x6 was none of those things. It got out there and made something out of itself. It inspired people — and history tells us the world is better for it.