call it car content #1

a 1974 200mph Rolls-Royce, Rally Croatia action, Drum & Bass on the bike, and a gnarly 9,000 rpm Škoda hillclimb wagon

call it car content #1
British chap takes out loan to build a 200 mph car (in 1974) • BBC Archives

Chances are, you don’t spend as much time on YouTube as I do. (This is a good thing.) My closest friends, family, and wife haven’t yet told me to stop sending them videos of obscure Czech race cars—more on that in a minute—but I wanted to do a better job of sharing them, the videos, with a wider audience.

This is that.

So now, selfishly, I can share one URL to Twitter and surely push (you) the reader down a rabbit hole. Keep scrolling, if you dare.

The best part of this: I take requests. Get in touch and I’ll do my best to create a topic playlist or unearth an interesting clip. Let me know in the comments if you enjoy this format.

life goes on

From creator Johnny FD: “This was not planned at all. But on my last full day in Ukraine, I went for a walk, randomly met two subscribers and bought their car an hour later! They were evacuating from Ukraine and couldn't take both cars with them and couldn't find another other buyers.

“Yes, I know that Ukraine is under attack by Russia and that my car can be destroyed at any moment, but if sometimes, you just have to take a risk. I'm already all in on Ukraine winning this war, so if we fail, it all fails.”

British chap takes out loan to build a 200 mph car (in 1974)

human transportation, human soundtrack

Very much worth a watch 👇👇👇

*LOVE PARADE ON WHEELS* Drum & Bass On The Bike - BERLIN • YouTube but embedding is not allowed for this video

maximum attack (turn it up!)

There’s nothing like watching WRC cars hauling the mail through stages that are often sketchy at best. At Rally Croatia 2022, the world’s most talented drivers and dialed-in cars flew through the countryside—until they didn’t.

Czech out this wagon (turn it up!)

Armed with the gooey yoke from the screamingly successful Audi A4 Super Touring car, Škoda Italy whittled away an Octavia Wagon to be its shell. Shivers. I’m scrambled.

a more dedicated enthusiast than 99% of 'enthusiasts'

American chap builds mid-engined Mitsubishi Eclipse

“Rusty Slammington”, the story

this is a real car (hopefully one day)

old work trucks are a lot of work

you still can't fall asleep?