Brings the funk: 1985 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

KERRVILLE, TEXAS – Jazz/funk-inspired wagon, fully restored, subtle mods, 80 mph capable

Brings the funk: 1985 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

⚑ How does a Jeep fit here with

Well, being inspired by music is a big part of life here at, and recently, the funk duet DOMi & JD BECK collaborated with Andersoon .Paak for the song “TAKE A CHANCE”.

Central to the music video is an early Jeep Wagoneer, complete with stylishly minimal wood cladding and a definite “town” demeanor.

via DOMi & JD BECK, Anderson .Paak - TAKE A CHANCE (Official) • YouTube

Without bold off-road gear, the Wagoneer featured in TAKE A CHANCE got me thinking: what’s one of these things worth?

Turns out…it depends—but if you want a nice one, you’ll be paying for it. Wagonmaster, a longtime Wagoneer specialist out of Kerrville, Texas, has a number of fully-restored SUVs on offer.

Before you balk at the prices, I suspect that it’d be easier to buy a fully sorted version instead of hoping to have found a decent example for less than the price of a modern mid-sized SUV.